POST: What can a new novel learn from a novel virus? Distribution!

Pigeon Mothers viral distribution is fashioned after COVID-19 virus contagion.*

But this viral novel is fun! YOU get to spread it risk free! Plus, for every one of your friends who catches your Pigeon Mothers bug, you get to hoard ten toilet-paper-roll chances to win a $500 jackpot of real cash money (actually Venmo/PayPal).

Each of its six parts is only $2. So even if you’re critically addicted to this story, the most you’ll spend is twelve bucks for the whole book. With this pay-as-you go distribution, you can stop it in its tracks at anytime. There are no tricks or automatic payments. Pigeon Mothers is like the most binge-worthy series you already love, except THIS series is for computers, tablets, or other reading devices.

Free reviewer copies and sliding scale prices also available. If you want to read Pigeon Mothers but can’t spare $12, email for a free PDF version at:

*While I play with language related to COVID-19 I believe the pandemic is no laughing matter. During this time of uncertainty and fear I’m releasing a book that has nothing to do with the virus. My hope is that it will keep readers company while they stay safe.

GIVING BACK: 10% of profits from the sales of Pigeon Mothers will be donated to these organizations: The Child & Family Guidance Center in Bridgeport, ConnecticutThe PEN America Writers’ Emergency Fund, U.S.